Below this is some news, theres a navbar with 4 categories. All of it is pretty easy to figure out.
Take a look around, enjoy what you see. Thanks for stopping by!

Written: December 2nd, 2022 at 4:07 AM PST

Website update! (again)

Just can't seem to keep myself away from it, can I?

That's correct! I've done it again. This time I went with something straight outta 2012!
Complete with torn paper aesthetic, Cartoon Character in one of the corners, Parallax background (It's space!)

I'm about to condence everything in their own sub-categories. Instead of my last few layouts having 17 tabs for different reasons; cluttering the navbar and giving me more work to do.
There will be 4 tabs. I will be adding on after, of course. Can't have an unfinished site, right past me?

Anyway: Enjoy! It's probably the best i've done!