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Windows is a furtnite dick sucker.

Living With Windows XP

Windows XP was released to the public in 2001 which marked a beginning in what we know as modern personal computing. Without XP we wouldn't have fast user switching, the dual collum start menu, or even SPACE FUCKING PINBALL!

I had to install Paint.net so I could do some transparent images for free. I dont feel like downloading my mom's pirated copy of photoshop CS3 from 2009 on my computer.

I also got bored and started to do my signeture Windows 9x Dark theme on my xp install.

Now that its easier on the eyes in the night and looks fucking badass I can get to the main point. The writing.

I fucking love this theme

So i'm gonna write about this as I go along because as im writing this its the 3rd day at 1:00AM. so yeah. Oh, I should also say i'm gonna use xp as my main os. I'm not going to stick it on every computer I own and say I dropped everything and installed xp on everything. I might stick it on my hp compaq but no promises there. I'm going to live with xp until I get sick of it. Meaning i'm going to switch back to Windows 7 at some point wether it be tomorrow or a month later. One last thing i'm going to mention is the computers I have. I do have better more capable pc's in my collection. The only reason i'm using sutch an old pice of tech is purly for convenience purposes. This way I can lay back in my bed at 1:00AM and write this. As a way to mention one of my better pc's: I have an HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF with an Intel Core i5 2400, 14gb of RAM, a 1tb Wester Digital Blue HDD, no graphics card (they all died for no reason), and is fully capable of running Windows XP. We good? Great. Time to document my experiences of using XP in 2020.

Day 1: The installation.

On January 7th, 2020 I sat down and took one of the 3 cd's my school library gave me so I could burn a copy of Windows XP Media Center Edtion to it and therefor install it. Nothing went to waste as I had prepared an Nlite SATA patch to an iso image so I could actually fucking install it on my laptop.

Here's the download for the Nlite ISO I made so you can try it on your hardware. This may not be universal as I have only tested it on my laptop (HP Touchsmart tx2500). It might work on other devices but no garentee.

I installed it, no hitch. Well my usb drive broke and I didnt have internet drivers yet so there goes another CD. I burned 500mb worth of 3 drivers and random bullshit like the game Changed to my CD. Fun fact: turns out it takes up 83.6mb of space.

Drivers installed, no problem.

Day 2: Heat

I was able to install Google Chrome and that ended up being the last straw for my cpu. My computer shut down randomly giving me flashbacks from 5 years ago with my HP Touchsmart tx2 (1270us). It had overheating issues like nobody's fucking business. it got so bad we had to prop a fucking fan against it and if you move it enough to where it was no longer blowing air at the laptop you were fucked. And I remember screaming at my laptop because I kept accidentally moving that fan and making my laptop overheat. Lost Terraria saves were not hard to come by. So after that Vietnam flashback I decided to use a brower I installed while trying to figure out how to join Discord voice chat called Mypal. Sounds like a Chinese virus doesn't it? Well its a Pale Moon project that is ment to run on Windows XP. Boom, overheating mostly gone.

Chrome's a fucking resource hog.

I do plan on getting new thermal paste in hope of it disipating heat more efficiently. I plan on getting Artic Silver 4. It's $8 on newegg.

Day 3: Updates

Nothing mutch happened today. I wrote an essay on this laptop in school for history, I attempted to join my own minecraft server on alpha 1.1.2_01 to no avail, and i'm writing this. Most people would say "Oh i'd pull my hair out if I had to use Windows XP. It's so old I can't do anything on it."

The fuck kinda Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat only slave are you? Don't mind me but is there a point in which you get a little disturbed about how you use that everyday? All of your IRL friends are connected on there. You use them for dating. Not even a little?

Jesus i sound like my dad. But he is right. People rely on social media too much. He and I remember back 10 years ago when everyone was paying attention to themselves, meeting up with people in real life and making friends, Leaving their computers and phones at home sometimes so you could enjoy the outside and just have a nice stroll.

I miss that. I have nothing to do outside. No people to hang out with, no cash to walk out and buy something, no reason to go out and do something unless my dad decides he wants to do something. And thats sad. All of my really good friends are all on discord. Hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Ok call me a boomber but it scares me. I dont want to walk outside and barely see a soul on the sidewalks. I remember seeing people all the time walking around 10 years ago.

Well thats all for now. Good Night!

Written: January 10th, 2020

Day 4: Macintosh Miniature

I hopped on my mac and installed Windows XP. No Bootcamp drivers so that was pointless. I did literally nothing else. Nothing changed this was pretty boring

I think i'm going to give up Windows XP here soon as I cant do as much as i thought I could.

I cant talk on discord, I cant play any Steam games, I cant even install it on my mac. I'm going to use my HP Compaq. I may pick this up again later on. Before I stop writing I have to say I cant play any games as i'm having overheating issues

Written: January 11h, 2020

Living with Mac OS 10.7.5 (Lion)

I decided to suffer YAY!

ok thats an old one but in the video it will say 10.7.5.

Ok so am i crazy for wanting to do this? Yes yes i fucking am i may as well live with my slow ass Pentium 3 on Windows xp but, there is a reason. As technology adapts and changes things become obsolete, non functional, borderline useless. So me attempting to use an 8 year old os seems to be a good idea once you think about how much support it has. so im happy to bring this to you.


This is the last thing im revealing. I installed some applications and fixes so i wont have to when i start the project. This will help speed things up. What you dont see is a suprise so please keep in mind that these screenshots are not by accedent... well they are but im not changing them as it would spoil most of the video. so yeah...


The BIGGEST Project we've ever worked on!

Find Out More.
"i want to die without dying""this has been a real pain in the ass but its worth it!"

Recorded on VHS so please be kind and rewind.

Hang ups...

my power button no longer works so im gonna have to find a way to flash iOS 1.1.1 without the use of it :/
my charging cable is faulty so im gonna have to remede that somehow
i dont have an original 2g so the earliest i can go is iOS 1.1.1
the screen is deteriorating leaving this bar of dead pixels up at the top of the screen taking up half a status bar so im gonna have to come up with and excuse as to why.
and i dont have much confidence anymore as i just locked myself out of my 2g. so this is gonna take some time.

but if i get it all working your gonna have two kick ass videos to watch!


I was able to iTunes restore my iphone to ios 3.1.2. ONE WHOLE VERSION NUMBER DOWN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

I have decided that if im gonna do anything i have to repait the power button first. It's pretty much a must at this point.

I was able to get it in DFU mode but i cant go anywhere else from there.

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