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Yes! That is correct ladies and gentlemen, Windows the fetus in my 2 videos is infact a furry.

In this screenshot on discord by the user xX_Gigabyte1027_Xx it proves that he is a furry but also


He seems to also be MADLY in love with Gigabyte even though he is straight

Things have changed in the year 2020! Windows becoming a furry is an example of something very very rare happening. His stupid ass would most likely write porn because he is that stupid.

More screenshots further prove that he is now of an anthro animal typing in his true feelings. that was stupid. HES A FURRY! but

What a monumental moment in today's day and age. He said for 3 straight years that he hates furries but then one day he changed his profile picture and said these 5 things. Bravo Windows! SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS!!!


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