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So the plans are simple. I get a few macbooks from say an ebay lot. I set up an overhead camera and film the repairs, sell them off, upload to youtube.

Why would I want to upload me making money to youtube? Well it's not me flexxing my sales more than it is me sharing my adventures to people willing to watch. I'm gonna have great fun doing these repairs, and i encourage anyone who wants to get started to do so. it's really fun and I think it's a great way to learn about the innards of a computer.

So, I've went ahead and made myself and intro. Here it is!

The cool thing is I can change this intro as needed. If I don't want to record another screencap of mac os 9 every episode, I can crop the video and do a cool fade in

Oh that'd look really cool actually. With the text fading in with the video as the music fades out to the correct volume. I'd like to experiment with that idea.

The big plan for all of this is me making a sort of podcast per se. I'll have a few of my friends in a call, and I'll dick around with some hardware in the hopes of it working while making some cash along the way.

Further rambling

I'm genuinly happy with the way this is going so far. I love what I did with the Mac OS 9 aesthetic with the css and video overlays. It makes it feel like its my own creation, and not something I made on photoshop to fit in with the modern flat graphical design.

One thing I should add is I'm not gonna do just apple shit. Theres other things id like to dive into. What those things are will be revealed as soon as i release this first episode and start looking for other lots. My main intrest at the moment is Macs. Other things i'd love to see if i cant repair are old thinkpads, ooh some Amiga's sound fun.

Point is: Macs aren't my only intrest. Can't wait to try my repairs on some old Compaqs or something. That's all for now, See ya!