Being inspired by Google's Android Holo UI


I'm currently messing with the Android Holo theme. All that you see may be subject to change as i want to have a nice balance between flat and skeuomorphic.

The old ui is gonna be in archives but this new layout will be released as a theme so people can transition into the new theme until i archive and kill off the old ui.

Thank you for being apart of the testing and the very first layout! Things will be smoothed out, reprogrammed, and of course archived so people in the future can see what i made in the past.

It's been a ride making this website for you all to find out more about what im currently making amongst other things. And i hope that in the future this website gets to be the best project ive made thus far.

Thanks for visiting and making me feel like this was an important thing to make. And as always, Have a great day! See ya.

Android Holo FTW!

Test it out!